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More Airbnb automation tools and property manager solutions slated for 2024.

With 2023 wrapped, and our eyes ahead to 2024, the team at Yada – the leading AI-powered vacation rental guest engagement platform – wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to our incredible hosts and guests for making 2023 our best year yet. Yada strives to be Vacation-Rental obsessed – focusing all of our product development and customer success efforts to helping “vacationers vacation better, and hosts host more superbly”, so we thought we’d share some of our most staggering 2023 Vacation Rental and Guest Engagement milestones with you.

#Milestone 1: After releasing Yada Guest Chat in March 2023 and integrating with top Property Management systems like Guesty, Hostaway and Hostfully (to name a few), Yada successfully supported over 1.42 million guest engagements in 9 months last year! Guest engagements ranged from pre-booking inquiries to providing essential check-in information, all powered by Yada's proprietary Hospitality-AI technology.
And our engaged customers are helping us pave the way!

"We have been using Yada to help offset the influx of messages that we receive as we rapidly grow. Yada pulls in the information we provide and respond to guests with empathy when needed. The Yada team takes all our feedback and develops faster than any other software I have worked with." -Abigail Kilgore, Head of Guest Experience, Home Team Vacation Rentals


#Milestone 2: In addition to supporting millions of guest interactions, hospitality technologists and property managers alike rejoiced as Yada introduced the first Large Language Model (LLM) specifically tailored for Short Term Rental Hospitality providers, developed through extensive training with millions of guest interactions across platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and various direct booking websites. While other Airbnb Automation and Airbnb chatbot solutions are simply an adaptation from LLMs focused on an array of odd topics from all over the internet, Yada is obsessed with being the most intuitive AI-solution in the vacation rental industry. 

We worked around the clock to perfect, train and develop Yada products that can anticipate and understand the core of your guest’s needs, that learn and improve with every interaction at every property, and that make managing multiple properties a breeze by deflecting up to 70% of guest inquiries with fast and accurate information (allowing you to grow your business, not just stay tethered to your devices 24/7).

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As AI rapidly integrates into our lives, the responsibility to build safe and reliable systems becomes paramount. Unchecked systems and systems built quickly, carelessly, and by those without deep backgrounds and experiences in artificial intelligence can make unpredictable decisions, or even malfunction with disastrous consequences and degrade the guest experience. Our engineering team of technology and hospitality veterans from Microsoft, Ritz Carlton, Bosch, and ZoomInfo (to name a few) have spent tens of thousands of hours training, learning and iterating on Yada.

We’ve devoted countless resources to developing safeguards and developing artificial intelligence that is tailored to our space (hotels and short term rentals) and designing them to help the guest as much and as accurately as possible.

#Milestone 3:
We launched an innovative, free chat widget for property managers' to increase direct bookings on their websites. Our free direct booking automation tool, designed to convert new guest inquiries, is used to engage with guests across direct bookings sites worldwide. On average it greets, engages or converts a guest for our customers 3 times per second, 24/7, 365 days a year!

#Milestone 4: Above all, we're proud to have extended our support to customers managing over 1 million doors worldwide across every major Online Travel Agency (OTA) on five continents, contributing to the stress-free vacations of countless guests globally.

So how are we thinking about delighting guests and property managers AGAIN in the year ahead?
While we can’t share it all just, we think the Vacation Rental and Short Term Rental software market still needs HELP. 

Our 3 biggest areas of focus for Vacation Rentals and Short Term Rentals in 2024 will be: 

Focus 1: Helping STR / Property Management teams adopt inquiry deflection tools and metrics (like many B2C customer success teams do), while maintaining 100% guest satisfaction. Another way to put this is: Develop tools that help guests self-solve their most common inquiries and requests, giving them a faster resolution and your teams more time to do meaningful work. Every property has a myriad of disparate information – from info on the appliances and wifi, to local restaurants, and attractions – and they all live everywhere. We’re excited to surface all of this “unstructured content” to guests on-demand as they need it!

Focus 2: Helping STR / Property managers manage their content in a scalable and efficient way. As companies scale, their data needs and content needs become more and more complex, and content surfaces in more and more places (lists of amenities and vendors, onsite inspection notes, Notion templates, etc). Our first big push for 2024 is to build an overhauled content management system designed for collaborative data management between property managers, their staff, on-site personnel, and guests.

Focus 3: Delivering Vacation Rental Automation Tools (i.e. Airbnb Automation, VRBO Automation, Guesty Automation, etc), to provide faster responses, increase look:book rates, and increase occupancy rates in a highly saturated market. to provide faster responses, increase look:book rates, and increase occupancy rates in a highly saturated market. Property Management companies that can maintain high occupancy rates, convert on first inquiry, and build automations and marketing tools to drive repeat customers will be the only ones standing by 2025. We plan to simplify Property Manager’s and Guest’s lives by: Automating Guidebook Creation, delivering Automated Transactional Notifications, Automated Marketing and Messaging notifications, and Automated Time/Day Based Notifications, to name a few items!

Thoughts, questions, ideas? What trends do you see in Vacation Rentals and Short Term Rentals that we didn’t discuss here? Leave your thoughts and comments below, or engage with us on Facebook and X @YadaChat.


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