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Resolve 50% of your guest support questions with our AI chatbot

Yada scans your websites, listings, documents, and previous conversations to provide quick and accurate AI generated responses to guest questions.

Reduce Support Messaging

Yada uses the most cutting edge AI research and technologies to automate guest support and deliver results instantly.

Get Started in Minutes

Yada can pull tons of content from your OTA's and PMS's to pre-populate content and start answering questions immediately.

AI you can trust

Deep safeguards and rulesets mean yada only answers with your content and never anything else.

Trained with your previous messages

Yada can analyze your previous messages and conversations

Driven by Content,
Powered by AI,
Owned by you

Hotel guests chatting in multiple languages with Yada

Yada is capable of automatically messaging guests in over 143 languages, no matter what language your original content is in.


The AI is integrated with all of the channels we support, whether it's OTA, WhatsApp, Email, or Direct Booking Site Chat.

The Yada Unified inbox is capable of handling guest messaging across any and all channels
Unified Inbox

Teams get more done faster when they work together. Route every OTA conversation, SMS, live chat and more to the right person, workflow, or automation at the right time.

Yada only answering guest questions with proprietary data
Only Answers with your Data

Yada only ever answers with your data, previous responses, and knowledge bases. Advanced AI and rulesets keep it grounded and contextual.

Cut support times and make guests happy with AI

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