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AirBnB Management Notion Template

If you’re an AirBnB host or Vacation Rental / Short Term Rental or Property Manager, this template is perfect for you! It will help you manage your listings and help your team manage tasks and to-do's as well as key contacts. If you love it, feel free to give Yada a shout-out on X (Twitter) or Facebook!

This template also includes a sample guidebook that you can easily duplicate and populate with your own information and send it to guests to help them with check in, check out, amenities, and local recommendations.

Managing rentals is a tough job but having the right tools can make the process much easier and enjoyable.

This is the first in a series of templates we will be releasing! Access it here, and use the tutorial to get started.

Get Your Airbnb Notion Template


Step 1 - Duplicate the template

What to click to duplicate the notion template

In order to use this template you will need to duplicate it into your own notion workspace.

Once your template is duplicated, you can start filling in listings, tasks, and contacts. You can also start filling in the public guidebooks and guest sites!

Step 2 - Populate listings

The three dashboards you'll most interact with are in this dropdown.

Dashboards for AirBnB Management

Once you've opened the listings dashboard, go ahead and create your first listing.

Click on the blue "New" button and from the dropdown select the template. If you chose a blank page it may not be formatted correctly.

Once you're in the template page, go ahead and populate your listing details. Replace the picture in the body of the template and add any details or notes which might be important there!

Step 3 - Start creating tasks

The process for creating tasks is very similar to what you've done to create listings.

Click on the blue "New" button and create a task from the template with the green check.

Like with the listings, you'll get a popup with a template task. Important to note - in the task template you'll have the option to connect it to a listing! This will help you see which tasks are associated with your listings.

Step 4 - Contacts

Much like with listings and tasks, you'll create new contacts by clicking the blue button and using the template. We use this contacts section to keep a centralized contact book of the people who we need to call or employ frequently like plumbers, electricians, etc.

Step 5 - Guest Book

We've also included a template for a guest book you can share with upcoming guests to help them with things like arrival, check in, etc.

It's important to copy this page template and not edit the original. Or edit the original to include common things between your listings and edit the specific parts.

Sharing it is really easy. There is a button at the top right of the notion page - share. However, you need to make sure you're only sharing the single page itself and not your whole management page!


Get Your Airbnb Notion Template