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Yada introduces GPT4 and ChatGPT integration for Short Term Rentals and Hotels

Yada - the Messaging Cloud for Short Term Rentals, AirBnBs and Hotels has for some weeks been gradually introducing Generative AI into all of our bots and today we are excited to announce that it has been rolled out to every single user, listing, chat widget, and bot on our platform. This integration and upgrade to our already class-leading AI allows for even more dynamic, human sounding, and real-time responses to thousands of guest questions.

The AI looks at all of the data associated with a listing to generate responses. Data like previous conversations and answers. Data like guidebooks and guest content. Data from every amenity, saved response, and description in a listing. And data from any custom knowledge base or existing virtual agent knowledge base you have.

And now, you don’t need to worry about any formatting or lengthy data input either. The AI finally has all of the abilities of even the best guest engagement agents and is always up-to-date as it continually learns from new conversations, responses, and engagements.

The ability to automate almost the entirety of repetitive conversations allows agents to focus things that need a human input. And coming soon, the AI will be able to handle upsells and fill in the gaps on your calendar with proactive remarking retention.

Why is ChatGPT and GPT4 such a game changer for AirBnB’s, Short Term Rentals, and Hotels? Because it has the ability to solve some of the biggest problems with messaging. Currently, average response for Short Term Rental and AirBnB Property Managers is over 30 minutes. And because many companies are facing an enormous labor shortage especially when it comes to guest messaging and engagement. Yada AI plus the addition of ChatGPT and GPT4 allows hosts and property managers to bring those response times down to zero while also serving as a copilot - a 24/7 copilot to handle all the repetitive guest communications and messages.

Many hosts are incredibly excited by the possibilities of GPT4 but may be hesitant about its abilities. That’s why we’ve also added a live preview to each and every bot. Now, our users will be able to test and explore the AI in real time - before it goes live to the guest!

All of these capabilities and all of these improvements to the AI are now live to all of our customers. A version of this AI is also available for the direct booking sites!

We are also dramatically accelerating our roadmap and the following solutions will be available in the next few months.

  • Automated content creation for direct booking sites, OTA listings, and chat widget responses.
  • AI powered automated marketing - connecting you to your guests at scale and filing up all the gaps in your calendar.
  • Personalized responses based on user preferences and behaviors.

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