Having the right people helping you manage your rental is absolutely critical. People you can trust, people you can call on a moment’s notice, and people who can fix the majority of things that are bound to break and get damaged.

Many of us who end up managing STR’s, AirBnB’s, etc. are pretty decent at handiwork, but it helps having a contact list, especially if you manage multiple rentals.

The following are the people you should have in your contact book. Make sure they’re vetted, and preferably work with people whom you’ve employed or work with before.

  1. Plumber.
  2. Electrician.
  3. HVAC Repair.
  4. Handyman.
  5. Gardener.
  6. House Cleaning.

Of all of these, cleaning is easily the most important. Have these people on call before you start renting, and be very clear with them what the schedules are, when they should arrive, leave by, etc.

Petar Ojdrovic
Post by Petar Ojdrovic
October 21, 2022