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Introducing the public yada roadmap

Yada has always prided itself on being an incredibly transparent company. We share our growth. We share our wins, and we share our losses. In fact, if there’s something you want to know about us, we’re always happy to tell you.

As far as we’re concerned, the most important part of all of this transparency is making sure that every single one of our users and anyone who might become a yada user is a part of the process. Because after all, we’re building yada for you , and not for us. Getting feedback on where we’re going, what features we’re rolling out, understanding what’s working well and understanding what isn’t working so well helps us build the best possible product for you.

Things like sharing progress on our new inbox while we were working on it...

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This transparency also means that we refuse to hide our platform behind a bunch of demos, paywalls, and onboarding calls. If you want to you use yada, you can sign up. If you need help getting started, we’re there for you. If you have a question about an integration, or a feature, or notice a bug, we’re there to answer or fix it asap.

A few weeks ago we sat down a team and realized that despite the fact that we have trello boards with hundreds and hundreds of tasks and action items and cards, we didn’t have something which outlined the broad, overarching product roadmap. We of course had documentation, wireframes, timelines etc. for all of it but not a unified way for everyone at the company to see what big features and upgrades we are rolling out.

So we started making a broad roadmap board.

And I thought it’d be the perfect thing to share with all of you.


So that whether you’re a current yada user or thinking about using yada you can get a good sense of where we’re going.

Alongside this public roadmap we’re also sharing this feature request form. If you’ve got anything you’d like to see, or if you’ve noticed any bugs and haven’t reached out to us already, please let us know there!