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AirBnB House Rules Template - How to Write the Best AirBnB House Rules and Make Sure Guests Actually Follow Them!

Whether you're a first time host or a long time manager, we hope this guide on how to write effective house rules will be useful!

‍As an AirBnB host, you’re probably going to run into all sorts of guests. Good ones, bad ones, rowdy ones, and clean ones. While the majority of your guests are going to be thoughtful and respectful and won’t need any reminding as to what’s ok and what isn’t, it’s still a good idea to have a clear set of house rules that guests can follow so they’re always clear about what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

‍Having house rules lets people know about your home, what you allow, and what the limits are. If you’re not clear about the rules and guests do something damaging to your property, you might not have a good way to get compensated in case something goes wrong!

What's the point of House Rules?

‍All AirBnB managers and hosts need to have clear house rules, no matter whether you’re managing twenty units or just one. These rules clearly need to state what guests can and can’t do, as well as informing visitors of what they should expect if they break the rules or damage something.

‍It’s also important to remember that most people, at the end of the day, aren’t rude or disrespectful. They’re traveling for fun, and while they may not intentionally want to do something damaging, they might get carried away. By being clear about what’s expected, they’re often deterred from going over the top.

‍Here’s our template of house rules which we think every host should use.‍

House Rules Introduction:

Here you can give guests a brief overview of what the expectations are, and what will happen if they damage something or break the rules.

Here are name of rental we give it our all to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It’s our mission to help you create lifelong memories, amazing experiences, and repeat stays. In order for us to make this happen and to continue dedication to great service, we would appreciate it if you took a moment to read these rules, and familiarize yourself with this rental.

House Rules Template:

1. Keep noise to a minimum after 10pm. This is generally a useful rule, even in areas and neighborhoods where you don’t have people close by.

2. Please, no shoes within the house. Minimize the mess.

3. Absolutely NO SMOKING within the house. There will be a substantial additional cleaning fee to remove odors and stains.

4. The following [cabinets, closets, rooms, areas, etc.] are off limits. Because this is a vacation rental and not a hotel, we keep some personal belongings here like sheets, food, etc. and we’d appreciate it if they were left alone. Use whatever phrasing and specifics you’d like here, but make it clear where the off-limits areas are.

5. This is where parking is allowed: [parking specifics]. This is especially important if you’re in a city setting. Help your guests avoid getting ticketed, and let them know of any convenient places to park. Also let guests know if they can use your garage, where in the driveway to park, etc.

6. If you’re using the grill, please make sure to shut off the gas valve as well as shutting off the grill itself. Please clean up after yourself when using the grill, and replace the cover when you’re done. If it’s left excessively dirty, an extra cleaning fee will be applied.


7. Please do not move the furniture around.

8. Parties are not allowed at this rental without explicit prior approval from the host. Parties and larger gatherings inevitably incur larger cleaning and maintenance feels, so any unannounced additional guests or parties are not allowed. In the event that a party occurs, guests will be asked to vacate the rental and property immediately. Make the party policy very, very clear.

9. Drugs of any kind are NOT ALLOWED WHATSOEVER. If guests are suspected of using illegal substances or transporting illegal substances, the local police will be notified and guests will be asked to vacate the rental and property immediately.

10. If you’d like to host a larger event or bring in additional guest, please reach out to us first. If it’s possible for us to set it up for more guests, we’ll try to do so.

11. Check-Out times are strict. We have a cleaning crew that comes in, and they are generally on a timetable, so being out of the rental on time is key! However, give guests the option of extending the check-out time if they let you know before they book, or well ahead of time. You should be understanding of any extenuating circumstances

12. Garbage and Recycling go in the black and blue bins, respectively, behind the house. Let them know where to dispose of full trash bags.

13. If the rental has a hot tub or swimming pool, be sure to put up the required signs (many municipalities have mandatory warning signs), and make sure to put tub and pool rules in a visible place.

14. Pet policies should be outlined in your listing and made available to guests before they even book. However, it’s not a bad idea to reiterate them in the house rules.

15. Emergency contact details. Guests should always know how to get in touch with you or with the authorities if something major happens. International guests and visitors are probably used to different hotline numbers - for example, in the UK, the American 911 emergency number doesn’t connect to emergency services.

Having clear, concise, and understandable rules is crucial for avoiding accidents and misunderstandings. When you and your guests are on the same page, everyone wins!