The short term rental industry is becoming a widely accepted part of the larger hospitality industry, and there is absolutely no doubt that it’s drastically changing the way we travel, where we stay, and how we enjoy our trips.

In a logical response to this massive increase in the size of the short term rental market, entrepreneurial hosts have quickly figured out that the best way to make money from vacation rentals is to consolidate, optimize, and minimize overheads associated with hosting.

It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of time associated with hosting in short-term and vacation rentals goes towards guest communications and engagement. For every five inquiries a host gets and needs to respond to, only one becomes a revenue generating booking, and the average guest can take up at least two hours a week of a hosts time for each of the properties the host manages.

If we take a closer look at the short term rental industry, it quickly becomes clear that more and more properties are being managed by larger-scale property managers, and that a very significant number of these properties are cross-posted on multiple platforms such as AirBnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and This consolidation makes a lot of sense given that the additional effort and skill needed to manage additional listings beyond the first is rather marginal.

For many property managers and hosts, in particular those who are managing multiple properties, the desire to automate these listings as much as possible is significant. While it’s impossible to completely automate an AirBnB listing, AI powered messaging and concierge services are a great way to cut out a lot of the repetitive and time consuming back-and-forth.

Spend less time managing guests and more time optimizing the listing.

AI powered messaging and virtual concierge services automate most of the conversations you’ll have with guests. Booking inquiries are automatically handled, as are the pre check-in conversations and onboardings you’ll typically engage in. While the guests are at your property, we handle all of the questions, queries, and requests for information your guests might have.

The average host on AirBnB manages 3 or more properties, and professional property managers handle even more. Saving 10-20 hours a week allows host and managers to spend more time on improving their listings, optimizing them to get the best possible booking rate, and focusing on the things which get more 5-star reviews.

Scalability - expand the number of listings in your portfolio without needing to bring on staff.

Automated messaging and virtual concierge services enable you to add more and more properties to your portfolio without needing to add staff to manage the increased number of guests and bookings. Add as many properties as you’d like, and you’ll notice that the volume of messages and communications stays the same!

Automate Repetitive Operations.

This is an awesome feature that you won’t find in any other AirBnB management or automation platform. We’ll create messaging flows for you to put information into, and we’ll dynamically engage with guests during their stay to get them all the information they might need.

Based on what your guests are messaging about during their stay, we can figure out how happy they are, and only solicit reviews from the ones who are going to give a guaranteed 5-stars! AI rocks!

Maximize operational efficiency.

With a centralized way of managing and automating guest engagement, you only need top step in and handle a conversation if it’s something truly out of the ordinary. Ideally, as a host or property manager, you’d spend most of your time trying to grow the number of bookings you get growing your revenue. Platforms like Yada allow you to focus on that without any distractions or time-sinks in other areas.

Get Amazing Insights.

The volume of conversations we handle has allowed us to get really good at figuring out what sorts of problems guests are having, and what hosts can do to fix them and improve the guest experience. The feedback we solicit, the reviews you get, and the queries we handle all come together to create a really detailed picture of the guests stay from a satisfaction perspective. We provide these insights to you in an easy to understand way, and point out the most important things to take care of and improve to quickly raise the guests level of satisfaction.

We’ve been able to show that the combination of these insights along with the ease of access guests have to information can grow the number of 5-star reviews by as much as 15%!

Petar Ojdrovic
Post by Petar Ojdrovic
June 29, 2021