About Yada AI, Our Team, and our Company Culture. |
About Us
Yada is the ultimate AI powered chatbot for vacation rentals and hospitality. Our best-in-class solution is capable of automating the vast majority of engagements and communications that happen during a typical stay, and which end up accounting for a huge portion of a property managers time and effort. Because we’re uncompromisingly a great AI company, the benefits of using chatbots in rentals and hospitality are far greater than just saving time. Proactive communications and powerful sentiment analysis help our users generate significantly more 5-star reviews, and allow them to pinpoint exactly what to do to grow their business.
Yada was founded in 2018 by Petar Ojdrovic, and is a VC backed startup.
Our Vision
Yada AI aims to be a global leader in creating AI powered conversational experiences for hospitality and vacation rentals. Our best-in-class technology and research enables us to create truly amazing experiences for guests, and empower them to maximize every trip they take, everywhere. We help hospitality managers scale their businesses by automating the biggest time-sink they regularly encounter, and provide them with the analytics and insights to scale up at light-speed.
Who We Are
We are building the most advanced and scalable voice and text conversational bots for hospitality and vacation rentals. We're a small, committed team based out of Boston, MA with a ton of experience in AI, hospitality, and conversational experiences. Most of all, we're obsessed about putting the customer front and center of everything we do!