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Drive growth and satisfaction at every stage of the guest journey with Yada AI - the best hospitality Chatbot and Voice Concierge.
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We've automated over 60848 communications and engagements... and counting
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What if you could run a rental business the easy way?

Our AI works like a team of expert concierges and customer success pros, working 24/7 to grow your rental business, help you scale at the speed of light, and give you the insights and anlytics you need to be the best.
We help our customers...
Save over
Hours weekly
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Increase in 5-star reviews!
Communications a week.
How many properties or rooms do you manage?
12 hours saved a week!
Use Yada to automate all your rental's messaging, drive growth, and increase loyalty and awareness.
Save Time
Our Chatbot, Voice Apps, and AI communicate with your guests instead of you - freeing you up to do more important things.
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Supercharge Reviews
Make sure happy guests leave good reviews publicly while dissatisfied guests do so privately and in great detail.
Our AI powered platform engages with guests after they leave to ensure happy and satisfied guests paint a glowing picture of your business!
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Amazing Guest Satisfaction
Enable your guests to have all the information they need to have a great stay. Personalzied experiences, immediate Q&A, proactive reminders, and thoughtful outreach are proven to drastically increase satisfaction.
Conversational AI gives you all of this with no extra work!
Optimize your Rentals
AI driven insights and analytics help you pinpoint exactly what you need to do to make your guests as happy as possible.
Actionable suggestions tell you what the most impactful improvements are.
You're 30 seconds away from transforming your business!
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