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What if you could run a rental business the easy way?

Guests text Yada using their own phones. Or through AirBnB. Pretty much wherever they'd like. Yada can understand what they are asking for, how they are feeling, and responds in less than 1 second.
If you're managing 100 listings you'll...
Save over
Hours weekly
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Increase in bookings
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Revolutionize guest messaging with AI.

Save thousands of hours
Yada automatically deals with most of the repetitive conversations you'd otherwise have to take care of. 24/7. 365 days a year. It's like having a team of highly trained guest service agents working 'round the clock for next to nothing
Increase revenue by 15%
Being able to effectively engage with guests during their stay and after they leave is the best way to drive loyalty, repeat bookings, and increase the number of nights your rentals are occupied.
Yada is rolling out powerful new features to help hosts and property managers create and manage lifetime guest relationships.
Scale at lightspeed
Our AI doesn't care if your dealing with dozens of messages or millions. It'll scale with you as you grow, automatically dealing with unlimited inquiries, tickets, and engagements.

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