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An easy way for guests to get the support they need

Supercharge self-service support and deflect 30% of guest messages before they even hit your inbox.

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Deflect 30% of your guest messaging

Guest customer support messaging can easily become one of the biggest time-sinks for your team.

Enter Smart Guidebooks! Yada's smart guidebooks puts together all of your FAQ's articles, and knowledge bases into an easy-to-use hub. Guests and visitors can search and get access to the information they need in seconds.

Existing Guidebooks are SO 2010

Build a legacy without being tied down to one

There's a reason no other industry uses things like guidebooks. The rest of the world has figured out that smart content the way to go - it's time we followed suit 🚀

Old guidebooks are static. They don't really help guests. And they're more about looking nice vs. solving problems. We get it - you don't want to have your team spending all their time dealing with guests, and smart guidebooks can help.


Get the 'Down-Low' on smart guidebooks