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Meet Yada '23

A breakthrough in Hospitality Conversational AI. Yada now runs on GPT4 and PaLM 2. Learns from all your previous conversations. And provides safer, more reliable answers than any other bot out there.


Try Yada Now with your AirBnB listing

Just plug in a link to your AirBnB listing to get a customized, sharable demo with your content and your listing.

Why Yada '23 Changes Everything

Instant Content
Learns from your conversations so you turn your history into content.
5 Minute Setup
Connect to your PMS, build your AI, and go live in 5 minutes or less.
Totally International
Yada works equally well in any language it sends or receives messages in. No matter where guests are coming from.
Automated Messaging

Yada helps deflect over 70% of repetitive guest messaging.

Instant Content

Stop wasting time building content from scratch.

Yada takes all your messages and and conversations and uses AI to turn them into relevant, beautifully formatted data which the AI can use to and respond with.

5 Minute Setup

Custom Content

Instantly connect to your PMS

Just point yada at your PMS and connect. It imports all the listings, conversations, and saved replies in seconds.

Add content from anywhere

Yada can take content from all sorts of places to train the AI. Existing conversations, custom KB content, websites, PDFs, videos, and more.

Yada gets Smarter and Smarter

As you message and connect with your guests, yada learns from all those conversations to get better and smarter over time.

Totally International



Yada understands and can respond to guests in over 150 languages. Automatically.

On all channels

Doesn't matter if messages are coming from AirBnB, WhatsApp, or VRBO. Yada will translate and internationalize all of them.

Dynamic content

Dynamically suggest and generate content to guests and visitors based on where they're coming from.

The best way to message with your guests.