The future of hospitality is built on AI

Yada helps you optimize the way you run your rentals through automated conversations in every step of the guest journey.

Yeah, we do live AI chat. But we also do customer success, analytics, integrations, and more. Lots more. Like loyalty-building and AI powered action centers that help you manage your rentals. The right way.

Create & Integrate
Getting started with yada is fast. Like super fast. And integrating with your PMS or OTA's of choice is equally simple and snappy.
Fill out & check data
Yada will automatically look through your previous engagements with guests to pre-popualte answers to tons of questions. Making sure we've got the right info is really fast and helps yada better serve your guests.
Unleash the power of AI
Yada will automatically respond to your guests questions. Yada handles conversations all the way from pre-booking untill well after guests leave, saving on average 2 hours a week for each room or rental.
Mid-stay checkup
Keeping track of guest satisfaction during the course of a stay is the best way to resolve problems or events which would keep your guests from giving you a 5-star review. Yada auto-magically reaches out to guests during stays to get a sense of how its going and help you course-correct!
Room & Rental health
Guest interactions with yada are the best way for you to get a good sense of how your rentals are doing and avoid deferred maintenence costs. Yada gives you enormous visibility over maintenence items, problems, and necessary fixes & repairs.
Post-Stay Engagement and CRM
Automatically engage with satisfied guests after they leave to make sure they leave a good review and to keep them in your ecosystem. Automated post-stay engagement drives repeat bookings, referrals, and brand building through social engagement.
Learn & Analyze
Our powerful analytics tools allow you to understand how guest experiences are impacting rankings, ratings, reviews, and revenue in a really granular way.
Ready to get started?
Schedule a call and see how yada can help you better run your rentals.