All your channels, all in one place!

All of your individual inboxes and channels, together in one place. With chat AI built into all of them.
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Direct messaging demand has never been this huge

The vast majority, over 90% of travelers want to direct message with the brands they stay with.

What's more, 90% of guests also expect immediate responses to their inquiries and conversations.

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Every single channel in one smart inbox.

Engage with your guests and visitors across all of the channels and messaging apps which they use each and every day.

Connect channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and many more to the yada inbox and give your team, staff, and agents the ability to message, create bookings, tickets, and reservations all in one place.

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Fully integrated with our Chat AI and with your PMS tools

Each one of these channels, whether it's your property management system, Instagram, or WhatsApp is fully integrated with yada's chatbots to automate responses and customer support.

All these non-PMS channels are natively integrated with actions you can take inside of your PMS - for instance going from and Instagram DM conversation to a booking and confirmation with just one click.

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