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The yada chatbot for AirBnB, direct bookings, and omni-channel automation deals with repetitive guest conversations so your team doesn't have to!
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Built for hospitality

Yada isn't like other chat solutions. Why? Because we built it specifically for hospitality.

It's trained by millions and millions of industry specific conversations.

What does this mean? It means that yada is really really smart and finds the right information and actions to help your guests.

No-Code Deployment

Yada chatbots & Chat AI are directly built into every channel & system you're connected to. Deploying AI is just one click away.

It already has all of the flows and experiences it needs. All you need to do is provide some info about your listings (if the AI hasn't already picked up on it) and you're good to go!

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Conversations are Key

We firmly believe that AI should be conversational, and not a sequence of clickable steps.

It's what separates conversational AI from call centers, and turns every interaction into a conversation.

And meaningful conversations are what drive amazing guest experiences, satisfaction, and loyalty.