Way more than a simple chatbot

Right now, most property managers, hosts, and hoteliers are living in a world where when they go to sleep, their ability live chat and get back to guests immediately completely stops. They also live in a world where the amount of money they’re spending on customer support is insane. Like really insane. And finding enough good people to do it all is next to impossible.

With yada you can give your AirBnBs the chatbot and AI concierge it deserves. Offer your guests instant responses when they have a question or a problem, and drastically reduce the toll on your support expenses. Simply get started with Yada, integrate with one of our partner PMS’s, and start automating conversations 24/7!

Guest journey on autopilot

Automate guest interactions and start responding to guests - immediately - with just a few quick steps using our AI concierge. Increase booking rates and upsells, and massively decrease resources spent on engagement and support.

Our no-code chatbot and AI concierge will automatically answer whatever questions it can and give you the tools needed to really understand the data, guest satisfaction, and sentiment in one easy-to-use platform.

Delight guests with instant answers

Want to be sure your guests are having an awesome experience from checkin all the way through checkout? Yada’s AI Concierge and chatbots let you choose how much of the guest experience you want to automate - and in our experience most of our users want to automate as much of it as possible!

Why? Because when a guests in a totally different time zone has a booking question and you’re asleep, they’re not get an answer quickly enough to help them decide whether to book with you or not. Our AI concierge can respond to most of these questions immediately so unless its an emergency or something way out of the ballpark of what our AI can handle, guests will get personalized responses in seconds.

You only get called up to answer if it’s something the computer truly can’t or doesn’t know how to deal with! Thankfully this doesn't happen that often 🤓

Take advantage of our advanced features

Answer from existing messages. When integrated, yada will look through existing messages and conversations to find answers to guest questions and make your workload minimal.

Categorize conversations automatically to better understand what sorts of things your guests are having problems with and what they need information about.

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