Frequently Asked Questions

There's a huge amount of hype about conversational AI but a lot of questions to go along with it. Here's a brief FAQ to help you get started.


About Yada

What does Yada do?

Yada  automates communications with your guests on all the channels they message on and helps generate significantly more direct bookings. This AI powered platform autonomously handles 70% of guest messaging and also increases direct bookings through chat.

Who is Yada for?
Yada is perfect for Short Term Rental Property Managers and Hosts and Hotels who are looking to make guest messaging and engagement more affordable, reliable, and high quality.
What is Conversational AI?
Conversational AI is a type of technology that allows machines to communicate with humans in a natural and human-like way. It's like having a virtual assistant that can understand guest questions, provide helpful information, and even carry out tasks. Imagine having a chat with a friend, but instead of talking to a person, you're talking to an AI-powered machine that can understand your language, respond to your queries, and provide intelligent recommendations. In simpler terms, conversational AI is a way for computers to understand and respond to human language, making it easier for your team to interact with guests at scale. It's a game-changing technology that is transforming the way we communicate with guests, making our lives easier and more efficient.
How does Yada work?
Yada natively integrates with your Property Management System inbox and any external channels. Whenever a message comes in, the AI generates a response within seconds and sends it on to the guest automatically.
What's the impact on Response Times?
Response times are critical, yet for many hosts and property managers they are over 30 minutes. Because the Yada AI is active 24/7, it can keep response times under three minutes all the time
How does Yada connect to my PMS?
Yada has deep API integrations with property management systems. Data from Listings, Conversations, Messages, and Reservations is used to generate a real-time response.

About the chat widget

What's the Yada Chat Widget?
The Chat Widget is something you can easily integrate with your direct booking site. It allows site visitors and guests to engage with you and your team in real time.
Does it have AI?
Absolutely - the Yada AI is fully integrated with the Chat Widget and can autonomously engage with site visitors to drive more conversions and direct bookings.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! The Yada chat widget is part of our Free Forever plan :) 

About the Platform

What Languages does it work in?
Yada is completely language agnostic - meaning that it'll always respond in the language that the guest is communicating in. It does all of the translation magically in the background.
Do you connect to external channels?
Of course! We connect to apps like WhatsApp for business, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, SMS, and many more.
What countries do you work in?
We work all over the world - because Yada is completely language agnostic and geography agnostic, you can use it all the way from NYC to Tokyo

Getting started with Yada

How do I get started?
Getting started with Yada is super easy. Just head over to to create an account. That being said, we'd recommend scheduling a demo and talking to someone on our team. That way we can help onboard you and make your Yada experience as successful as possible.
Do you offer a free trial?
We do not offer a free trial but you can always talk to someone on our team for a one-on-one demo. You can always get started with a couple of your listings and the free chat widget as well.
What are your customer support hours?
We are generally available 24/7 through email or through live chat.

The smarter way to chat.

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