Better messaging with AI powered agents.

Deliver automated, personalized and intelligent conversations with your guests across all channels


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AI for instant guest engagement

We're confident in saying that you'd like to respond immediately, 24/7. We're also pretty sure your guests appreciate immediate responses. And we're certain that your agents will love having an AI copilot.
Build and maintain bots and AI agents, integrated with all the channels you use, without having to write any code.

Learn how yada is adding generative AI to hospitality


Return on Investment


Answers automated with Accuracy


Days a year 24/7 availability


Why choose Yada AI

Deliver instant responses and excellent guest experience across every single channel, from your PMS to webchat to whatsapp to text - giving you a competitive advantage with sub-second response times and better conversion rates. All while saving thousand in guest support costs.


Every guest is a VIP

Whether you've got five mountain cabins or a portfolio of thousands, Yada makes guest messaging your superpower.

Why? Because they get sub-second response times. Because they get information relevant to them. And because humans and AI work together to deliver an exceptional experience.


The benefits are limitless

Because Yada AI is integrated into all of your existing channels, from your PMS inbox to your direct messaging channels like WhatsApp and Instagram, you can engage efficiently and affordably at scale.

  • Reduce staff costs and increase efficiency through 24/7 automation.

  • Automate engagements and messages which are currently being handled by human agents.

  • Instant response times lead to higher guest satisfaction.

  • Personalize engagement and responses through automatic detection of guest preferences and nuances.

  • Real time upsells, conversions, and revenue generation.

The smarter way to chat.