AirBnB Hospitality by Voice - a Podcast Epidode on Carl Robinsons Voice Tech Podcast

POSTED BY ON Thu, Sep 19th 2019, 01:48 PM
Listen to Podcast Episode Here!
We are so honored that our CEO Petar Ojdrovic was invited to have an awesome talk with Carl Robinson, host of the VoiceTechCarl podcast, and Charles Cadbury to talk about about all the awesome ways voice technologies can impact the hospitality sector, and what's coming next in voice. Especially how multi modal and user-centric design is going to be critical to getting more and more people to adopt voice accross the board!

I was honered, a couple of weeks ago, to be able to sit down for an amazing and in-depth conversation about where we think voice technologies are going in the future, how best to adapt and use these technologies in a hospitality and vacation rental setting, and the importance of designing experiences which are intuitive, independent of device, and can be tailored to provide the right content through the right medium.

Make sure to check out this podcast episode on Carl Robinson's site! It's a good one, and an amazing podcast full of engaging, detailed, and supremely relevant content.

Listen to Podcast Episode Here!

You can reach me at, on twitter at @petarojdrovic, and on Instagram at @ojpetar.

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